Lisa Anderson Media, LLC
Lisa Anderson Media, LLC
Helping You Share Your Story
  • An Indie Publishing House

    Community Magazines, Anthologies, Solo Books, & Book Cover Design
    Coming Soon: Digital Signage, Weekly Podcasts, & Audiobook Creation
  • Connection Through Story

    Whether you have a cause or a business, a desire to grow your fanbase, a community, or simply family & friends, the best way to connect is through the art of storytelling.
  • Coming Soon

    Weekly Podcasts & Audiobook Creation

The power of stories is in everything we do.

Lisa Anderson Media is focused on story-based marketing and connectivity. We believe in the power of A=E3—an equation that is the foundation of and a driving force for our mission.

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Solo Book Publishing Services

If you are looking to work with an indie publisher who cares if you succeed, will guide you through every step of the process, and stay with you after your launch date, then we are the publishing house for you and your solo book project.

Turn your dreams into reality

Anthology (Multi-Author) Projects 

Whether you are new to writing, a well-established author, or you simply want to add your voice to a worthy cause, an anthology is a great place to start. Learn more about previous and new projects. 

Book Cover Design

Planning to self-publish? Work with experienced designers at affordable pricing and get the book cover design of your dreams.

Made with passion

Community Magazines 

Our community magazines are made with passion, and they focus on the personal stories of those within your community. We work with a diversity committee and build relationships with local business owners to discern what is important to each community.


More people are downloading and listening to audiobooks than ever before. We will soon be offering a resource to turn your books into easy listening.

Here we grow again

Weekly Podcasts

Beginning with the Ocala, Florida community, we'll be bringing you weekly podcasts so you can hear the stories and not just read about them.

Stay tuned!

Digital Signage

More information coming in March 2022.

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