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Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is the Publisher and CEO of Lisa Anderson Media. A seeker of stories, Lisa publishes magazines and books to inspire herself and others. 
She has a strong desire to bring people together through our common thread of humanity. Lisa’s work can be found in publications such as the anthology Forgiveness is the Hardest Thing, the magazine Locala, the Medium publication In Fitness and In Health, and elsewhere. The publisher of and participating author in the captivating anthology, Shameless: 40 Women Share Their Journey of Self-Awareness, Self-Love, and Leading with Light (releasing June 2022), Lisa plans to continue expanding her library of published works.

​A Wisconsin-native, Lisa now lives in North Central Florida with her significant other and their two dogs.
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What Goes Into Publishing a Digital Magazine

Our publisher, Lisa Anderson, was interviewed by Cindy Kochis in early 2021. 

“How important is the writer’s voice? What does a publisher expects from their contributors? What is the puzzle of publishing a digital magazine? Lisa Anderson, Editor in Chief of The Chews Letter, recently joined Cindy Kochis in the virtual Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to discuss these (and more) topics.”
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Forgiveness is the Hardest Thing

The path to forgiveness requires acceptance, introspection, admission of guilt, and the ability to see the situation through another’s eyes.

During the prolonged Covid-19 lockdowns, twenty-one women were invited to write about their experiences of forgiveness through the medium of poetry or prose, fiction or non-fiction. The result is an anthology that lays bare the shared need to forgive or to be forgiven.

It captures deeply personal stories of domestic violence, family disruptions, the disintegration of friendships, and the impact of taking an individual’s power. But it also brings gifts of insight, stories of healing, techniques to help with physical and mental well-being, and a discourse about the spiritual side of forgiveness from a unique perspective.

Featuring the writing of multiple-award winning authors from across North America, the UK, Ireland, NZ and Australia, Forgiveness is the Hardest Thing is an inspiring collection to draw from when you too are wondering, how can I forgive?
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